MM Equine

Madison Monkman specializes in young horse development and training, and is currently mentoring with world class master horsemen Jose Alejos and Sandy Alexander. Horses have been the center of Madison’s world from day one and forever will be. It is in a pursuit of pure passion for these wonderful animals that she has become the person, rider, and trainer that she is today. No matter the discipline, the emotional and intuitive connection Madison has with the horse is just as important as the physical training and skill development.

Currently based out of Calgary, AB, Madison offers a full service training program for young or uneducated horses that is tailored for each individual horse to succeed confidently. Madison has a list of lovely sales horses and works with horses from different sport horse breeders with the ultimate goal being to optimise the potential, careers, understanding, and happiness of their young horses.

Madison also teaches a dedicated number of students and travels to teach clinics and continue education with different horses. Madison brings technicality to the table as well as encouragement and motivation to be more aware, softer, and stronger riders. She is thrilled to work with people that are passionate about the learning the perspective of horses and creating a training program that is appropriate, fun, and rewarding for all.