Remembrandt - Karen Dion

"I would highly recommend Madison for anyone looking to get quality training done on their horse. She did a phenomenal job with my gelding and was very easy and flexible to work with. Madison takes the time to expose a young horse to many situations and was even willing to take my guy to a gold level dressage show where she impressed the judges as well. One of the things I appreciate the most about Madison is her willingness to work with the owner. I live 3 hours away but got many updates and videos throughout the training process. When it was time for me to take over with my gelding, Madison was very supportive and informative in order to ensure we had success as a team. Highly recommended!"

Anastasia - Emily and Trina Trapp

"Your patience and dedication has developed our little mare into an angel. Your patience and understanding of Emily's concerns have brought her back to a place of confidence, and for the first time in 4 years she rode with a smile on her face 😊. A thousand times, thank you!"