Passionate Precison

Specializing in developing young hunter, jumper, and dressage horses as well as English/Western pleasure horses, Madison has a wide range of experience with disciplines, breeds, and personalities. She fosters a relationship with the horse that calmly and positively encourages work ethic, intelligence, confidence, and willingness, and allows the horse space to process and make good decisions. The result is a well-rounded horse that is keen to please and learn, with a great sense of balance and obedience. Madison prides herself on being an advocate for every horse that comes in the barn; like people, they all have their own way of processing and learning.


Lessons and Training Rides:

Individual lesson: $50
Group lesson (2-4ppl): $35
Lesson Horse Usage Fee: $10/lesson
Training Ride/Session: $35/session

Monthly Packages for Training/Lessons:

Package 1) 2 training sessions per week = $270/month
Package 2) 5 training sessions per week = $500/month

Clients can flex the use of their sessions between a group lesson and/or training rides.
To upgrade the use of a session to a private lesson is $15/lesson (difference).

Basic level of grain provided. Elite Three Hemp Oil, Fibre, and Evolve can be added at a great monthly rate! Contact Madison about any customizations or requests!

Sunrise Farms Board Rates:

Field Pasture $400
Paddock/Pasture: $435
4-Horse Paddock $475
Individual Paddocks: $500
Indoor Stall w/turnout: $800 (plus $50/month for blanketing)


Evanescence - Retrained Off the Track Thoroughbred - Hunter Champion